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The ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is scheduled to launch tomorrow, March 26, 2013. With more than 1,000 new gTLDs scheduled to be introduced this year (as early as July) ICANN has built the TMCH—a single global repository for authenticated registered trademarks—to help protect brands and their IP rights. The TMCS offers registered trademark/brand owners a solution to help safeguard their rights and simplify participation during the multiple pre-registration launch periods in the new gTLD program. Safenames is a registered agent in the Trademark Clearinghouse and wants to ensure that our current customers and other trademark holders are prepared for the new gTLD expansion. Learn More.

If you have any questions about the the TMCH, please contact your Safenames account manager. You may also contact us in the UK at +44 1908 200022 ([email protected]) or in the US at +1 703 574 5313 ([email protected]).