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The Italian Registry(.IT) is now offering International Domain Names (IDNs) for the .IT extension. Previously, .IT domains could only be registered in the “Latin without diacritics” format, based solely on letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), and the hyphen (-). For languages that include diacritics, IDNs are the best means of communication for domain holders because they reflect the pronunciation of their identity and/or their brand. And it allows domain holders to optimize their naming strategies.

Additionally, the .IT registry has expanded the Local Contact requirements to include any individuals and businesses in Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, the Vatican, the Republic of San Marino, and Switzerland.

If you have any questions about Italian IDNs, please contact your Safenames Account Manager or contact Safenames Customer Support in the UK at +44 1908 200022 ([email protected]) or in the US at +1 703 574 5313 ([email protected]).