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February 12, 2015

History in the making? You be the judge. Dot COM registrations exceeded 116 million active domain names for the first time in history. What’s seemingly even more impressive is that the number of registrations has increased 600K since December 31, 2014. But it is worth noting that roughly 425,000 of the 600K increase were registered in-house at the registry. So the true growth number is around 125,000, which is still significant.

In similar news, VeriSign recently published the top 10 .com and .net keywords for January. It will be interesting to see how many of the 125,000 new .com registrations (mentioned above) correlate to keywords on this list:

.COM                         .NET

  1. holo                      1.  options
  2. block                    2.  now
  3. glitter                   3.  option
  4. options                4.  search
  5. send                     5.  find
  6. option                 6.  hemp
  7. hemp                   7.  stem
  8. guys                     8. degree
  9. remodeling        9. loss
  10. nursing               10. adult