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If you receive an e-mail or a postal letter entitled “Final Notice of Domain Listing”—or a similar renewal notice from an unknown company—please disregard it; it’s a scam. The sender is attempting to get you to unknowingly transfer your domain(s) to another registrar or worse, steal your money. There are so many (too many to list) domain name related scams circulating the Internet these days, targeting unsuspecting registrants. Scammers are mining the WHOIS database searching for businesses and individuals that will pay for “expiring” (wink, wink) domain names—and these people pay because they simply don’t know any better and are afraid their domains will actually expire. It’s important to disregard any correspondence you receive that includes language such as “domain name search engine registration,” “search engine registration,” or “must renew.” All legitimate domain name renewal communications will come directly from your registrar. If you are a Safenames customer your account is likely on auto-renew and no action is required for the renewal of your domains. If you ever have any questions about materials/correspondence you receive, contact your Safenames account manager or call Safenames customer service at +44-1-908-200022 or +1-703-574-5313.