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The registry for .MO domains, MONIC, recently announced that they now support Internationalized Domains (IDNs) for “.mo” in both Chinese and Portuguese characters (i.e., you are now able to register “”). Now through April 10, 2014, trademark and patent holders may apply for domains (more specifically, IDNs) that are the exact match of an existing corresponding trademark and/or patent. Existing TM/Patent must have been previously registered within the Macao SAR. Additionally, beginning April 11, 2014, those who already have a “” domain that was registered on or before January 20, 2014, may apply for the exact match “.mo” IDN–so if you already have “” for your brand, you are now able to register that exact domain, translated to “”.

Why register IDNs? Having domain names ‘in language’ makes it exponentially easier for people in a that country to find you, and ultimately engage to do business with you. If you conduct business in a particular country, registering additional domains, specifically ccTLDs–and when possible, IDNs–is the best way to strengthen your naming strategy.

If you have any questions about this launch please contact your Safenames account manager. You may also contact us in the UK at +44 1908 200022 ([email protected]) or in the US at +1 703 574 5313 ([email protected]).