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 ICANN has recently posted a document called “A Delegation Rate Scenarios for New gTLDs” that forecasts how many new TLDs will enter the root.   While the total number of applications will not be capped, the actual delegation of new TLDs is projected to range from 200 to 300 annually.   For example if the annual application rate meets the expected rate of 400, ICANN projects that 215 delegations will be achieved each year.  ICANN stresses that there will not be a limit on applications, and that the delegation projections are based on “reasoning and process methodologies” documented here:

 Further, the expected time from application acceptance to new TLD delegation is a range from 8 months for “clean” applications or uncontested gTLD strings and up to 18 months for applications that are in contention and/or require an “extended evaluation”.