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The “Wait-List” Service for expiring domains came one step closer to reality as ICANN members voted to approve the service during their March meetings in Rome. However, the WLS still must clear some legal obstacles and also gain the approval of the US Department of Commerce before it can be put into action.


The decision comes just weeks after VeriSign’s filling their lawsuit against ICANN which, among other things, complained that ICANN was “blocking innovation” by failing to move forward with the WLS.


The WLS allows registrars to sell a single “Next Registration Right” for a domain name. If the domain should expire, the holder of the “Next Registration Right” would be allowed to register the name.


The proposal has drawn criticism from registrars who feel it will be more an aid for VeriSign’s bottom line than for the Internet users it purports to serve, and from expiring domain companies, who see it as abuse of VeriSign’s control of the domain registry.