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Following a recent ICANN board meeting, ICANN has granted Telnic, the .TEL registry, the ability to offer both short (e.g. and numeric-only (e.g. or .TEL domain names for registration through accredited registrars. This will enable more choice for businesses and individuals when seeking to register a .TEL domain.  For example, organizations with numeric only trademarks or with two letter brands will be able to register their .TEL names and individuals will be able to register unique or lucky numbers as online identifier. The specific date and process for launching short and numeric-only .TEL names has not been made public, but updates will be communicated as more details become available.

If you have any questions regarding two character or numeric domains for .TEL registrations, please contact your Safenames account manager.

You may also contact the¬†Safenames UK office at +44 1908 200022 and [email protected], or the Safenames US office at +1.703.574.5313 and [email protected] .