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Today is the last day you can pre-order your .asia domain name! The closing date is 23:59 11th March 2008 GMT. All restrictions have been lifted – so now is the chance to order any domain name you want!


To register any .asia domain name you are required to provide a local Asia address as your Administrative contact. However, if you can’t supply this information, Safenames can offer its Local Asia Contact service at a greatly reduced rate of only $100 – so you can secure the domain name you want.


Please note: During this land rush period, if there is more than one application for the same domain name, an auction will be held and the highest bidder will win the domain name. Please contact your account manager for more details regarding the auction.


The price for registering a domain name during the land-rush period is $50 for 2 years.


Register .asia domain names with Safenames online at or contact Safenames customer services