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On March 15th 1985 Symbolics Inc., the now defunct computer company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts entered the history books with an Internet address ending in “.com”. Shortly after, another five .com domains were registered that year which included,,, and

It was not until 1997, at the early part of the Internet boom, before the one millionth .com was registered. However, online growth continues to rise even in challenging economic times as proven by the 100,000 .com registered each day.

While the majority of the first 100 registered .com domain names were registered by computer companies, with Apple registering on February 19, 1987, while Microsoft only registered their domain in 1991, companies from every industry realize that they need establish, build and protect their online marketing channel to be successful. There are now over 84 million registered .com domain names around the world.

According to the Symbolics website, the domain ‘.com’ evolved as more companies and corporations became connected to the internet. According to Craig Partridge, from Raytheon BBN Technologies, ‘.cor’ was first proposed as the domain for corporations, but eventually it was switched to ‘.com’. The extension ‘.com’ originated from the concept of having a domain name represent “commercial”.

Today, Internet users can register more than 700 domain extensions which include country codes (ccTLDs) for over 240 countries and territories. In the United Kingdom, Nominet which was founded in 1996 and appointed as the governing body for the .uk domain name extension. Nominet currently has around 8 Million registrations to date with an annual growth rate of 9.81%.

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