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Safenames has successfully presented a domain dispute case for on behalf of its rightful registrant, Daimler AG.  In a June 2, 2009 decision from the .UK registry, Nominet, Safenames legal team overwhelmingly demonstrated that an unauthorized party had registered the name in bad faith, abusing the trademark of the iconic automobile manufacturer through its illegal use of the domain name.  The ruling by Nominet resulted in the immediate transfer of registration rights and management control of the unauthorized domain name to Daimler AG.

“We are very happy when we have the opportunity to help our clients stop abuse of an online trademark.  Mercedes-Benz has devoted substantial amounts of marketing dollars, hard work and resources to provide the highest quality of automotive products.  These efforts have enabled Mercedes-Benz to build a well known and trusted global brand with a stellar reputation.  We will continue to work diligently on their behalf to ensure that their brand is protected and defended across the Internet.” said Head Counsel for Safenames, Prudence Malinki.