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Uganda NIC authorities are releasing the 2nd level domain registration with the .ug domain extension. This is to become available for registration on the 1st August 2004.


In the interest of protecting trademark owners and other existing registrants, a sunrise period of two (2) years will be offered to already existing registrants within which they will be able to register the second level equivalent of their domains for free. For example, the owner of ONETWOTHREE.CO.UG will be able to register ONETWOTHREE.UG for free.


The second level equivalent will, however, be an exact “clone” of the “parent” third level domain. It will inherit all contact information and the expiry date of its “parent” third level domain. An off-hand benefit of this is that if you renew your third level domains and have payment cleared, then when you register the second level equivalent of your domain, it will be active for the period which you renewed the “parent” third level domain. Using the above example, if the owner of ONETWOTHREE.CO.UG renewed their domain for a period of say 5 years and cleared payment, then registering ONETWOTHREE.UG will result in ONETWOTHREE.UG inheriting the expiry date of ONETWOTHREE.CO.UG and in essence, being active for the 5 years!


In a nutshell, all second level domains that have corresponding third level domains will be marked as reserved for the owner of the corresponding third level domain for the period of two years. All other second level domains which do not have corresponding “parent” third level domains will be available for registration by anyone.


To ensure you protect your trademark, please visit the Safenames website at and navigate to the ‘Regulations’ section, where you will find more detailed information regarding this domain extension.


If you wish to reserve your .ug domain, simply login to your IDP account at and register the domain name.


For more information regarding .ug domain name registration, contact Safenames customer services or visit