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The Trademark Sunrise Period for .CM, the country code Top Level Domain for Cameroon, has begun.  Safenames is already submitting registration requests, the registry for .CM.  The Trademark Sunrise Period will last from June 15th, 2009 to July 14th, 2009.  Safenames is strongly recommending that trademark holders register .CM domains with their trademarked brands during this period.  Given that .CM is so closely spelled to the widely popular .COM and .CN domain name extensions, Safenames believes that registering your trademarks in .CM now will prevent misuse of your marks in the future.  Please note that your trademark must be registered at that time of your .CM registration request for your request to be accepted. If there is a .CM domain that you want, but do not currently have a registered trademark on the name, Safenames can also assist with registering that trademark.

Once the Trademark Sunrise Period ends there is no assurance that you will be able to get your .CM.  It is expected that domainers and other organizations will look to register hundreds of thousands of .CM domains that remain unregistered after the Trademark Sunrise.

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