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.cm (Cameroon) has been the eagerly anticipated ccTLD domain extension for some time; now the Cameroon Registry is established and taking orders from the public. There are a number of reasons why .cm is such an important domain extension, here are just a few… past few years the commercial success and profitability of the internet has significantly increased, with millions and millions of people searching for information. A lucrative industry was created from the increased accessibility and internet use. This industry is known as Pay Per Click (PPC). The PPC industry creates billions of dollars of profit and revenue for numerous businesses and individuals.

Pay Per Click works by generating web traffic and forwarding this to clients who are willing to pay for people to visit or “hit” their website. When conducted honestly, PPC can be prosperous, productive and useful for all parties involved. Unfortunately the sector has a number of unscrupulous organisations who are willing to infringe on people’s intellectual property rights to generate their revenue – by registering domain names of famous brands and trademarks, and directing the domain names to pay per click websites.

The .cm domain extension was anticipated by “Domainers” and members of the PPC industry alike because of the missing ‘o’. If an internet user intended to go to a well known website (e.g. and accidentally missed the ‘o’ in ‘.com’,  the user will be redirected to the Cameroon registered domain name instead. There are presently a vast number of organisations that do not realise that there are people generating money from the diverted traffic from their brand name. This could be happening to anyone! Try typing a brand name – even your brand name – with the .cm extension and see for yourself. You could be losing vital traffic, customers and revenue because of this prevalent abuse.

To help combat the online brand abuse Safenames is offering the public ‘no win, no fee’ service to all eligible companies to ensure the retrieval of your brand name. With 100% record for retrievals – we can almost guarantee the recovery.

For $500 we can ensure that all traffic to is redirected to, so you won’t lose revenue or customers and you can protect your online brand identity.

For .cm registration requirements and fees, visit Safenames .cm Regulations page. For more information on Safenames brand protection services, visit