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TWNIC (Taiwan Network Information Center) have implemented a new regulation for .ORG.TW domains.  The new policy is in place for the Renewal and Transfer of .ORG.TW domain names in addition to the creation of new .ORG.TW names.

This policy requires that the Registrant of .ORG.TW domain names shall be a non-profit organization legally registered under the laws of Taiwan.  The only exception is for foreign non-profit organizations that provide supporting documentation of their non-profit status under the competent laws of their jurisdiction, and if the Domain Name Committee of TWNIC approves such documentation.  If you already hold a .ORG.TW domain you will have to prove your non-profit status.

Registrants seeking to CREATE, RENEW or TRANSFER their .ORG.TW domain names need to provide the following documentation:

• Supporting Documentation of the legal status of the Registrant.  This has to be a non-profit organization.

• A written application with the description of the type of transaction. (new, renew, transfer.)

• The length of the renewal with a maximum of 10 years.  Please note that if the domain is only renewed for 1 year, the Registrant will need to re-submit a similar application next year in order to renew for additional years.

• A description of how your organization will use the .ORG.TW domain name.

If you have any questions about .ORG.TW domains or would like to check the availability of an .ORG.TW domain name, please contact your Safenames account manager.