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ICANN’s Fast Track Process for accepting registry applications from ccTLD Internationized Domain Names (IDNs)launched today, 16 November 2009.  While IDN.ASCII (IDN.COM) domains have existing for years, IDN will allow nations and territories to apply for Internet extensions representing their country name in the country’s native language and made up of characters from their national language.  Only one IDN.IDN will be approved per country.  Registry applicants must meet criteria that includes government and community support and a stability evaluation.  After ICANN has approved the registry applications, the applicants will be approved to start accepting registrations.  Since the approval process is expected to take time and these domain extensions need to be entered into the zone file, it is projected that sunrise periods will not begin for three to six months, however, it is possible that pre-orders could begin sooner.  Safenames will post frequent updates on this topic.

If you have questions, please contact your Safenames account manager.

For more information on the registry application process for IDN.IDN, please read ICANN’s announcements.