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Just a little less than one year since .CO domains became available to the general public, the 1 millionth .CO domain name was registered.  It is no surprise that the .CO registrations remain on the rise.  While the domain officially is a ccTLD for Colombia, this extension continues to be marketed as a generic domain and as a direct competitor to .COM — with plenty of available name space. 

While there has been some speculative buying, the successful adoption of .CO in the corporate space has been demonstrated by the extensive marketing that Overstock has put behind O.CO.   Additionally the name space has found success as a URL shortener and as Brand Protection name space. It has even received some traction among start ups companies who want a specific brand, who think that behavior among Internet users will continue to evolve and who think that .COM will not always be the default extension for an online web address.

 Top 5 Locations of .CO Registrants

  1. US
  2. UK
  3. Colombia
  4. Canada
  5. Australia

 If you have any questions regarding .CO domains, please contact your Safenames account manager.

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