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If you are considering the purchase of a domain that is registered to someone else but is ‘for sale’ in the secondary market, there are a number of steps to take prior to making an offer. The history of that domain must be researched in order to determine whether there are legacy factors that may negatively impact the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value.  When you utilize Safenames’ Domain Acquisition Service to purchase an aftermarket domain name, we take a number of steps to ensure that the domain you want is “clean” and that the name can be developed immediately.  As outlined in a recent blog from eBuzzmaster (, there are basic ways to uncover whether your desired domain name is free of anything that may impede your ability to successfully market the domain and your brand:

1. Use History

Safenames will make sure that the domain name has NOT been used to send SPAM and thus been blacklisted by major search engines (such as Google or Yahoo) by checking the IP address against

  • a. If it is not on the list, you should proceed to the next step in the review process.
  • b. If it is on the list, you may want to reconsider your purchase decision or possibly lower offer amount
2. Length of Time Registered

Safenames will next check to see how long the domain has been registered. A longer period of time that a domain has been continuously registered indicates that domain will have a higher value, than a newly registered name.  It is a factor of supply and demand.  And, search engines generally value a domain name with older registration dates because is a sign that the domain is being used for a productive purpose and is viewed as more credible. In addition, the quality value of a name is also scored based on the paid registration term left on the domain name because it most likely indicates that the domain was not registered for a SPAM, phishing or other nefarious Internet activities which are usually only registered for one year terms.

3. PageRank

Safenames will check the domain’s PageRank (i.e., how Google prioritizes the domain). The higher the page rank, the better positioned it is with search engines – highly ranked domains are usually a smart investment.  The domains have built in SEO value that can be expanded quickly with some additional marketing investment by you.

4. Site Index Confirmation

Safenames will research whether the site has been indexed by search engines.  If a page result is shown in Google then the site is positively indexed. If there are pages in the Google index, you can check inbound linking to those pages (best way is through Yahoo), and redirect them to appropriate new pages so that the link value (if appropriate) follows to your newly published page.

5. Link Presence

Determining whether there are links on major search engines like Google and Yahoo, gives you a valuable ‘head start’ on a link strategy for a Website on your new domain name.  If you buy a domain name with a strong link presence, you can leverage the existing links by combined them with your new and fresh Web site content.

Safenames will not only perform these checks as part of the Domain Acquisition Service on an aftermarket domain to recommend whether it is a good investment, but we can guide you on getting the most from an existing domain portfolio.  Building a well indexed, link maximized Web site doesn’t always mean you need to start from scratch with a domain name – Safenames can show you how to extend SEO value through aftermarket domains.