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The .ASIA registry has announced that the IDN.Asia launch will begin in May 2011.  The initial launch of IDN.Asia will allow registrants to register .ASIA domains using in-language characters for Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese and Korean.

There will be a Sunrise Period for trademark holders. This will be followed by a Land Rush Period for registering premium names, and then a General Availability Period will begin. During the Sunrise and Land Rush periods domains that: (1) have been requested by two or more parties; and (2) have been verified, will be sent to a domain auction and awarded to the highest bidder. Domains requested by a single successful application will be allocated to the applicant, and no auction will be held.

.Asia IDN launch Timeline:

  • Sunrise Application Period (70 days)

OPEN:  11 May 2011 (Wed, 12:00 UTC)

CLOSE:  20 July 2011 (Wed, 24:00 UTC)

  •  Land Rush Application Period (70 days)

OPEN:  2 Aug 2011 (Tue, 12:00 UTC)

CLOSE:  11 Oct 2011 (Tue, 24:00 UTC)

If you would like to apply for a IDN.Asia or have any questions regarding the Sunrise Application process, please contact your Safenames account manager.

You may also contact the Safenames UK office at +44 1908 200022 and [email protected], or the Safenames US office at +1.703.574.5313 and [email protected].