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NIC-Argentina has approved a policy that limits the total amount of domain registrations which can be made by one individual or company to 200. Effective immediately the same registrant can register and be the legal registrant for no more than 200 domain names at any given time.  It is believe that this action was taken to prevent “domain warehousing”, the practice of registering names simply to resell on the secondary market.

Any registrants who have already surpassed 200 .AR registrations are no longer permitted to make additional registrations under NIC-Argentina.  In addition, registrants exceeding the acceptable number of registered names will no longer be able to renew more than 200 domain names.

If a registrant holds 200 domain name and wishes to register one or more domain names a specific written request needs to be made to NIC-Argentina directly with supportive documentation explaining reasons why the extra domains are necessary. If the request for additional domain is accepted, the additional domain names registered cannot be transferred to another registrant.

To find out more information about .AR and out how this registry change may affect your company, please contact a Safenames account manager.