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The Sunrise Period will consist of two Phases each lasting two months:

Phase 1 – for Registered Trademark Holders and Public Bodies

A Registered Trademark Holder (or Licensee) is able to apply for a .eu domain that corresponds to its Registered National Trademark within the European Community or its Registered European Community Trademark (CTM). The domain name should be an exact-match as written in the supporting Trademark documentation. A Registered Trademark Holder whose trademark contains a space (i.e. is composed of more than one word) will be permitted to apply for their Trademark domain containing a hyphen instead of the space, as well as their Trademark domain containing no hyphens or spaces (e.g. or


A Public Body is able to apply for .eu domains that correspond with the full name of the Public Body; OR the acronym by which the Public Body is commonly known; OR if applicable, the territory which is governed by the Public Body. ‘Public Body’ is understood to include: institutions and bodies of the Community, national and local governments, governmental bodies, authorities, organisations and bodies governed by public law, and international and intergovernmental organisations.

Phase 2 – those qualifying under Phase 1 and, in addition, holders of ‘other Prior Rights’

Holders of ‘other Prior Rights’ will be able to register .eu domains that correspond with:

  • Company names
  • Business identifiers
  • Distinctive titles of protected literary and artistic work
  • Unregistered trademarks
  • Trade names

In as far as that right is protected under national law in the member state in which it is held. Registration on the basis of a prior right shall consist of the registration of the complete name for which the prior right exists (exact-match), as written in the documentation which proves that such a right exists.


The above list is not exhaustive and a list of the most commonly recognised rights; the evidence required to demonstrate that a right is held will be published by EURid at a later date.


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