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Safenames is pleased to announce that TWNIC has received formal approval from the TWNIC Domain Committee to introduce 2nd-level ASCII .TW domain names. Priority registration for the 2nd-level ASCII .TW domain names is given to existing 3rd level .TW domain holders that have registered their domain names before 31 July 2005. Priority Registration Schedule as follows:

1. 23/8 – 22/9/2005 : Sunrise Period

Reserved for Government Agencies, Education Institutes and the Registrants of the 3rd level .tw domain names ( registered prior to 31st of July 2005.

2. 07/10 – 12/10/2005: Ballot ranking opens to public

Allow for dispute applications directly to TWNIC

3. 01/11/2005: officially open to public registrations

First come first serves. Please take note to register any 3rd level TW domain names before 31 July 2005 to enjoy the priority registration of the 2nd level .TW domain.


For further information or questions related to .tw registrations please contact Safenames customer services, or visit the .tw domain name registration information page.


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