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Six months ago, .inc was launched as the domain ending for business. The unconventional pricing strategy of one flat premium price for all domains originally drew scepticism on its potential for success. Now with 1,300 registrations, .inc has proven positive and unexpected results.

Two of the more noteworthy conclusions are who, and from where, businesses are purchasing .inc domain names. The premium price has not deterred small business adoption. In fact, SMBs and individuals made up 95% of October’s total sales volume and now account for 60% of the namespace. The top three markets overall have been the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom. This is notable because incorporation is not a legally-recognized type of business formation in the latter two countries. 

We have identified three primary reasons for .inc adoption: 1) .inc websites are seeing measurable SEO benefits; 2) .inc domains rank internationally in Google – unlike most ccTLDs; and 3) no premium or reserved .inc domains mean greater choice and affordability compared to the aftermarket. 

Three reasons why to buy .inc?

  1. SEO

Callab , shortened their domain from to simply – the website now ranks #1 in Google.

2. International Presence

Shift Plus a Japan-based company, used a ccTLD, which limited their ranking. Now – ranks on the first page of Google in North America.

3. Investment

A marketing agency, registered the domain for $1,999,- compared to, which sold for $125,000 in 2003. This company saved over $120,000 that can now be invested in its business and people instead. 

Use .inc for your corporate sites, or branded URL shorteners.

Please contact your Account Manager to discuss the addition of .inc domain names to your portfolio- On +44 1908 200022 or email [email protected]

January 14, 2020

Register your .INC domain names

The global reach of .inc has also been noteworthy. Domains have been registered in over 40 countries and territories, with the top three markets being the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Although popular in the US was expected, the latter two countries have come as a surprise, since incorporation is not a legally-recognized type of business formation in either one.

Three main reasons why most businesses are registering .inc domain names:

  1. Improvements in SEO
    Collab Inc., a digital design and entertainment studio, shortened their domain from to simply Their website now ranks #1 in Google for the term “Collab,” above, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other high-traffic websites.
  2. International visibility
    Previously, Japan-based company Shift Plus used a ccTLD which limited its rankings on search engines outside of Japan. Now, the website ranks on the first page of Google in North America, despite having a website hosted in Japan, and only published in Japanese language.
  3. More affordable than the aftermarket
    Push Inc., a marketing agency, registered the domain for $1,999. Compared to, which sold for $125,000 in 2003, this company saved over $120,000 that can now be invested in its business and people instead.

The impact has been widespread, with major trademarks in banking, retail, news, and other high-risk segments currently registered to unknown third parties under WHOIS privacy protection. A UDRP was also filed recently against

In light of these new findings, Safenames now recommends that all brands proactively register their .inc domain names. The past six months have provided enough evidence of both usage by legitimate businesses and trademark infringement by bad actors to warrant serious consideration, without assuming the cost will serve as a deterrent to third parties. Instead, brands should use .inc domains to their advantage for corporate sites, investor relation pages, or branded URL shorteners.

Contact your Account Manager to discuss the addition of .inc domain names to your portfolio on +44 1908 200022 or email [email protected]

January 2, 2020

As a 20-year-old company going into a new decade, we have reviewed where we are now and where we want to be. Our new logo symbolises our people and what we stand for, by protecting and securing digital brands and platforms.

Our Vision is to continue to excel in the following: –

Connecting businesses and brands – working together to create unique customer experiences

Customer-centric, always – building loyalty, trust and integrity

People are our assets – we never underestimate the value of our people

A culture of togetherness – our community supports well-being and success

Protect and defend – robust processes to ensure brand security

To lead, discover and learn – always at the front, never behind

To be able to deliver our vision, we have extended our core services, to provide a safe and secure framework within which our client’s brands are protected:-

  • Domain Management
  • Domain Blocking
  • Hosting
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Domain Acquisition
  • UDRP Disputes
  • Bot Mitigation
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • SSL Management
  • Premium DNS

We at Safenames have strong values which are core to our business

  • Identity. We enable brands to stake their claim in digital environments.
  • Connectivity. Using technology to bring people and brands together.
  • Protect. We create secure environments that support brands to flourish and thrive.
  • Defend. We mobilise a robust legal framework to counter copyright, plagiarism and infringement.
  • Innovate. We drive sector innovation.
  • Our People. We support personal aspiration to always be the best that we can be.
  • Your People. Customer service is our number one priority, this will never change.
  • Integrity. We are always true to our moral code. We are open, transparent and collaborative.
  • Respect. We create an environment that fosters and promotes togetherness. Where our colleagues, partners and clients are invested in our values and are treated with the utmost respect.
  • Passion. We reward enthusiasm, diligence and a desire to succeed.

Watch our brand video and be part of Safenames journey.

On why Safenames features brand and online trademark protection services within its comprehensive suite of web-based products and services.

Micah Ogilvie, our Head of Legal and Business Affairs has been appointed as a Nominet DRS Expert.

Nominet established the DRS in 2001 to offer an efficient, transparent method of resolving disputes relating to .UK domain names and seeks to settle disputes through mediation and, where this is not possible, through an independent expert decision.

Micah Ogilvie, Head Head of Legal and Business Affairs

Micah is an expert in domain management and brand protection and has represented global and small businesses in over 150 disputes through various international arbitration bodies.  Read his full interview with Nominet

AdultBlock is the new method to protect your brand against. Have you ensured that your brand is registered against term all four TLDs .adult .porn .sex and .xxx.

Protects your brand from
abuse and cyber squatting
Block trademark labels across all 4 TLDs (.adult, .sex, .porn, .xxx)
Covers available names and future registrations will be
automatically blocked
Block premium domain names
Cost-effective brand protection blocks look-alike variations similar to the trademark termBlock variant Labels in your SMD File and Sunrise B .xxx names.
Saves you money – block across all four extensions at an economical priceBlock Unicode variant names – homographic protection in 24 languages (e.g. Bank, BÄΝΚ, ßank)

It is essential to understand that the more well-known your name, the more valuable it is, the more likely it will be attacked, and therefore the greater the importance of protecting it.

Act now- Protect your brand 01908 200 022

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