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Two new gTLDs .BAND and .RIP are now in TM Sunrise — this exclusive registration phase will remain open through January 17, 2015. The registry will host an Early Access Program (EAP) from January 21, 2015 through January 28, 2015, and General Availability (GA) will open January 28, 2015. Registering additional domains (specifically new gTLDs) can help protect your brand(s) online within specific markets, and is one of the best way to optimize your naming strategy.

For questions about this launch please contact Safenames in the UK at +44 1908 200022 ( or in the US at +1 703 574 5313 (

New “GEO” gTLD .RYUKYU is now in Trademark Sunrise–Ryukyu is an archipelago off the coast of southern Japan. Registering ‘geo’ domains is such a great way to enhance the credibility (reputation) of your business in specific regions (cities, countries, etc.).

TM Sunrise for .RYUKYU will remain open through December 19, 2014 and the remaining schedule is as follows:

  • Phase 2—Landursh :: Scheduled to open December 24, 2104 and remain open through January 23, 2015
  • Phase 3—General Availability/EAP :: Scheduled to open January 28, 2015.

For questions about this launch please contact Safenames in the UK at +44 1908 200022 ( or in the US at +1 703 574 5313 (

New gTLDs .dentist and .rehab are now in TM Sunrise. Registering ‘occupational’ domains, like .dentist and/or .rehab, is a great way to boost the credibility/reputation of your business in specific markets.

TM Sunrise will remain open though December 13, 2014 and then the registry will run an Early Access Program (EAP) prior to General Availability (GA). The EAP will run from December 17, 2014 through December 24, 2014 and GA will open on December 24, 2014.

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Recent CENTR’s (the European ccTLD not for profit association dedicated to supporting the interest of country code TLD managers) report states that as of August 1, 2014, “there are 282,525,140 domain name registered in the world.” This is an increase of approximately 1.6% since May of this year (2014)—since May, an additional 4.5 million domains have been registered globally. This growth can be attributed to both country code registrations and new gTLDs; the current market share of new gTLDs is approximately 0.7% of the overall growth numbers, and that percentage is growing consistently.

Domain Registration by TLD Type:

Registrations               Change (3m)

ccTLD                                 129,388,192                       1.7%

ccTLD IDN                        1,244,863                           2.9%

Legacy  gTLD                   148,807,739                       0.3%

Sponsored TLDs               1,015,102                            7.9%  (including .travel, .XXX other restricted TLD’s)

New gTLDs                        2,070,244                           139.8%

Total                                   282,526,140                       1.3%


The top 20 largest ccTLDs represent roughly 82% of all ccTLD registrations globally and 38% of all domain names globally (gTLDs, ccTLDs etc).

Top 20 ccTLDs by Registrations:

Tokelau (.TK)                              26 Million

Germany (.DE)                            15.7 Million

China (.CN)                                  10.8 Million

United Kingdom (.UK)              10.5 Million

Netherlands (.NL)                      5.5 Million

Russian Federation (.RU)         4.9 Million

European Union (.EU)              3.8 Million

Brazil (.BR)                                  3.5 Million

Australia (.AU)                            2.9 Million

France (.FR)                                2.8 Million

Italy (.IT)                                      2.7 Million

Argentina (.AR)                          2.6 Million

Poland (.PL)                                2.5 Million

Canada (.CA)                               2.3 Million

Switzerland (.CH)                      1.9 Million

United States (.US)                    1.8 Million

Spain (.ES)                                   1.7 Million

Colombia (.CO)                          1.7 Million

India (.IN)                                    1.5 Million

Belgium (.BE)                            1.5 Million


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Top level .NZ (New Zealand) domain names are now available for registration. Previously you could only register at the second level (i.e., .CO.NZ, ORG.NZ and/or NET.UK). The new .NZ extension offers a great space for you to build (or continue building) your online success story. Registering country code extensions allows businesses to strengthen their domain portfolio and naming strategy with a local online brand by registering shorter, more relevant domain names that signify a web site that contains information, goods, and services within New Zealand.

For questions about this post please contact Safenames at +44 1908 200022 ( or in the US at +1 703 574 5313 (

An ICANN working group recently released a report entitled, “New gTLD Program Reviews and Assessments Draft Work Plan,” which outlines the work required to initiate a ‘second-round’ application period for the New gTLD Program. The report reveals that so far in round one, “…404 new gTLDs have been delegated. A total of 1,168 applicants have been invited to contracting. Of those applications in string contention sets, 49% remain subject to contention resolution procedures, forecast to be completed by the third quarter of 2016.” ICANN estimates that contracting will wrap up some time in late 2016 and pre-delegation testing by the middle of 2017.   

ICANN’s current timeline for a second round roll-out indicates that the first application period for new gTLDs would begin sometime mid-2018. But this can/will only happen if every scheduled milestone is met along the way. Before a round two would even be considered, ICANN would need validate new gTLDs and related processes, promote competition, consumer trust, and consumer choice.


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