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NOMINET the registry for the .UK domain name space announced that it has changed its rules for domain registration and will allow the release of 1 character, 2 letter and other previously reserved domains.  Full details of the process to release these domain have not yet been published, but Safenames will continue to follow the developments of this announcement and will provided updates as they become available.

The initial indication is that NOMINET will make every effort to ensure an orderly and fair release and will respect any organization or individual with prior rights.  It is believed that NOMINET will hold a two stage sunrise and land rush process which will likely include an auction if multiple parties order the same name.

The first sunrise stage is planned to begin before the end of 2010.  The registry expects to publish full details of the release process on 1 November 2010.

A full list of the domains that are being released is can be found at

Safenames will be assisting any company or organization that is interested in registering one of these names.  If you have any questions, please contact your Safenames account manager or contact us at +44-1-908-200022 or [email protected] or at +1-703-574-5313 or [email protected] .

Registered Rights Sunrise phase UPDATE:

The Registered Rights Sunrise phase for the release of reserved short domains will open at midday 1200 GMT on 1 December 2010.  The application process will close at midday 1200 GMT on 17 January 2011, and the IP rights validation process will close at midday 1200 GMT on 31 January.

The Registered Rights Sunrise phase is for the holders of registered trade marks enforceable in the UK exactly matching the short domain being made available (excluding the suffix, org. uk etc) and in force as of 1 January 2008 AND who can provide evidence of bona fide use in the UK on or before 1 January 2008, to the satisfaction of an independent IP rights validation assessor.

If you are not a registered trade mark holder who meets these criteria you cannot apply at this stage. You will need to apply either in the Unregistered Rights Sunrise phase or the landrush phase.

The ICANN Board recently met in Trondheim, Norway.  The focus of the meeting was on new gTLDs and the issues that surround the expected early 2011 launch. As ICANN completes preparations for expansion of the generic top level domain space, the Board has continued its work to ensure that contentious issues (including competition, consumer protection, security, stability and resiliency, malicious abuse issues, and rights protection) will be adequately addressed prior to implementation.

The expansion of the top level domain space is intended to promote competition and consumer choice.  ICANN stated that discussions this week were designed to ensure an effective application and evaluation process with safeguards to mitigate costs and risks.

The detailed Board discussion included recent community input and provided some direction in the implementation of trademark protections, the new registry agreement terms, measures to mitigate malicious conduct, and ensuring root zone stability. ICANN indicated that they believe that many important issues have been addressed, including trademark protection, morality and public order, and vertical integration.

A revised draft applicant guidebook (DAG 5.0) is expected to be available for public review prior to the upcoming ICANN meeting in Cartagena, Columbia in December 2010.  Safenames will make the applicant guidebook available on as soon as ICANN releases it for publication.

Safenames the leading registrar in global domain name registrations has added three new countries to its extensive list of country codes. With the addition of .EE, .EG and .NE extensions, Safenames now has 115 direct registrar accreditations with the country code registries around the world and 19 accreditations with generic Top Level registries. Safenames provides its customers with more control over their domains because we deal directly with the authoritative companies who operate the NIC. In addition, Safenames is able to register domains faster and update DNS or WHOIS records quicker than other registrars because of our direct relationships.

Here is a short summary of the new domain extensions offered directly by Safenames.

.EE (Estonia) Domains
Safenames gained an accreditation with the Estonian NIC Authority and is able to register the following TLDs .EE, COM.EE and CO.EE directly with the Estonian NIC. .EE and CO.EE have no registration restrictions or requirements while COM.EE does require a Company Formation that can be handled by Safenames. All Estonian domains have a 1 year registration term.

.EG (Egypt) Domains
Safenames is the first and only UK registrar accredited in Egypt. Safenames can register COM.EG, NET.EG and ORG.EG domain. Safenames can now register COM.EG domains on behalf of our clients without local Egyptian contact restrictions. Safenames is able to use your existing trademark in any country to register COM.EG domains. All Egyptian domains have a 1 year registration term.

.NE (Niger)
Safenames is now one of the few registrars in the world that can register domains in the African nation of Niger. To register .NE domains, special local contact registration rules apply. Safenames can assist with meeting the Company Formation requirements to register domains in this extension. The .NE domain extension has a 1 year registration term.

For additional information regarding these domains or any of the over 700 different extensions that Safenames supports, please contact domain name consultants in Europe and Asia at +44(0).1908.200022 or in North America at +1.703.574.5313.

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