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Neustar, the registry for the .BIZ domain extension, has commissioned an auction for single character .BIZ domains such a “A.BIZ”.  The auction will begin on September 23rd at 12pmEST and end on September 30th at 12pmEST.  This is a rare opportunity to get one of 31 single character .BIZ domain names and create a unique brand on the Internet or compliment your existing brands.  For additional details or to find out how to enter the auction, please contact a Safenames domain name consultant.


Neustar is also accepting RFP’s for 1300 two-character .BIZ for brand holders with a response deadline of September 30th.  Neustar is looking for candidates who will offer the best combination of innovation, creativity, brand recognition, financial commitment and ability to meet registry deadlines to promote the .BIZ brand globally.  If you wish to submit an RFP or have questions on this process, please contact us.

The Anguilla NIC has recently announced that they are planning a re-launch and re-release of their domain extension “.ai” at the second level after previously allowing, and to be registered. 

The launch date is scheduled for 15th September 2009. Anguilla domains will have no restrictions and will be available on a standard registration process. Anguilla domains can be registered for 2 years.

Safenames can provide these domain names for $125 (plus Admin fee).

For more information or to order .ai domain name please contact a Safenames’ domain name consultant.

The Mexican registry has begun its land rush period (September 1st, 2009 through October 31st, 2009) for the second level domain .MX and Safenames is offering registration services for this new extension.  After previously only being able to register COM.MX, NET.MX, .ORG.MX, and .EDU.MX and .GOB.MX, you can now register a second level .MX domain (eg.  

Based on other ccTLDs that launched domains at the second level after years of only supporting third level registrations, Safenames are advising all companies that have a COM.MX domain to register the .MX to not only protect their brand(s), but we believe that over time, .MX will surpass .COM.MX as the most widely used extension for online brands in Mexico.

Additional details on the .MX domain extension can be found at

Beginning on November 1st, 2009, open registration for .MX will begin and follow a standard registration process.

To place a .MX registration request or if you would like additional additional information, please contact a Safenames domains name consultant.

Safenames announced that it recently won a domain dispute for legendary poker player, Gus Hansen.  Safenames, has successfully recovered the domain name, “”, for the three-time World Poker Tour champion, Gus Hansen, using the Uniform domain name Resolution Dispute Policy (UDRP).   Although Hanson did not have a registered trademark on his personal name at the time of the filing, Safenames was able to demonstrate that the domain name was registered in bad faith. Safenames proved that the defendant infringed on Hansen’s common law mark, his famous personal name, because the domain was used in a manner that was publically recognizable to Mr. Hansen.

Working closely with Mr. Hansen’s representatives, the Safenames legal team filed the UDRP with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, Switzerland against Yevgen Kudashov.  Safenames demonstrated that the registrant was effectively creating “confusion” with the public, profiting from and acting in bad faith in his registration of And, that Mr. Kudashov went to great lengths in an attempt to fool the public into believing that he was actually Hansen by creating an email address that contained the Mr. Hansen’s nickname “Gus the Great Dane” which was used as the WHOIS administrative contact.

The WIPO Panellist found in favor of Gus Hansen, concluding that Mr. Kudashov, had no rights or legitimate interests in the domain and the name was registered and used in bad faith; ultimately ruling that the domain name should be transferred to Hansen, although the domain name was registered over five years ago by Kudashov. 

For more information about domain disputes, please contact a Safenames online brand consultants at:

Safenames, a global domain name registrar, is pleased to announce our 110th country code accreditation.  We can now offer domain registration services with the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NiRA).   This will include domain extentions,,,,,, and  Contact a Safenames Domain Specialist for more information.

Safenames has recently gained an accreditation in Nigeria (.ng) and is now capable of providing  .ng domain names directly from the Nigerian registry NIRA.  This allows Safenames’ customers to extend their brand(s) to Nigeria by registering .ng extensions with Safenames.

Safenames will work directly with Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) to register .ng domain names to secure the domain name you need.

There are no restrictions(NR) on .ng domain names and domains will be priced at USD $35 + contracting admin fee.

For further information, please contact a Safenames Representative or Domain Specialist.

Safenames would also like to remind all clients that the .mx (Mexico) Landrush has commenced- please contact us to place your order!

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