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NIC-Argentina has approved a policy that limits the total amount of domain registrations which can be made by one individual or company to 200. Effective immediately the same registrant can register and be the legal registrant for no more than 200 domain names at any given time.  It is believe that this action was taken to prevent “domain warehousing”, the practice of registering names simply to resell on the secondary market.

Any registrants who have already surpassed 200 .AR registrations are no longer permitted to make additional registrations under NIC-Argentina.  In addition, registrants exceeding the acceptable number of registered names will no longer be able to renew more than 200 domain names.

If a registrant holds 200 domain name and wishes to register one or more domain names a specific written request needs to be made to NIC-Argentina directly with supportive documentation explaining reasons why the extra domains are necessary. If the request for additional domain is accepted, the additional domain names registered cannot be transferred to another registrant.

To find out more information about .AR and out how this registry change may affect your company, please contact a Safenames account manager.

Safenames will be supporting the widely anticipated launch of the “.CM” domain name extension. While COM.CM was launched last year, this is the first time that the second level of .CM will be available for registration. The launch of .CM presents risks for trademark holders. It is strongly recommend that clients apply for domain names with their trademarked brands during the initial Sunrise period to ensure that their brands are protected from typo-squatters and other misuse. Given that the .CM domain extension is very similar to .COM and the country code .CN (China), two of the most widely used domain extensions on the Internet, it is best to take the necessary action to secure your .CM at the time of Sunrise launch.

Sunrise Period Information:

  • The Sunrise period will commence on: 15th June 2009, 9:00 UTC/10.00 GMT
  • The Sunrise period ends on: 14th July 2009, 23:59:59 UTC/ 00:59 GMT

All applicants during the Sunrise period will be required to provide the following:

  • A registered trademark number prior to the beginning of Sunrise
  • Official documentation from a trademark registration body that demonstrates a valid trademark at the time of application

Please note, since applicants must provide written proof of trademark upon submission of an application, it is suggested that you have your documentation ready in advance of Sunrise to ensure your application will be processed promptly.

Landrush Information:

Following the Sunrise period, .CM will enter a “Landrush” phase that will allow businesses or individuals to place registration requests for .CM domains without any prior use or trademark requirements. For instances where there are more than one application for the same domain name an “auction” process will apply for registration rights to the name. Domain auctions will take place shortly after the .CM Landrush period concludes and applicants will be notified via e-mail with details of the auction process prior to its start.

Landrush Period Information:

  • The Landrush period will commence on: 15th July 2009, 0:00:01 UTC
  • The Landrush period ends on: 31st July 2009, 0:00:01

General Registration:

After the Landrush registration period General Registration commences. .CM domains will be registered on a “first come, first served” basis and is open to anyone who wishes to register a name.

General Registration Information:

  • General Registration period commences on 1st August 2009, 0:00:01 UTC

Safenames has recently attained Registrar Accreditation from Australian Domain Registry auDA, becoming the first ever European Registrar to achieve this accreditation. The Australian accreditation process is notoriously vigorous, thorough and difficult, consisting of domain registration compliance checks, website compliance checks as well as an actual exam. A requirement of the auDA accreditation includes a thorough audit of all existing registered Australian domain names for their Whois Data and Content (compliance checks). The examination aspect tests knowledge of registration requirements and Registrar obligations and responsibilities. The combination of these factors results in most registrars being unable to qualify for the accreditation. This can be as a result of deficient domain registrant information on the Whois, unsuitable content being contained on Australian client websites or failing a mandatory examination.

Safenames is ecstatic about this news as this is another accreditation to add to the others and further strengthens Safenames’ position as the Registrar with the most Domain Registry Accreditations in the world. Safenames’ Head of Registrations David Shaw stated, “We are elated and excited about this new development and achievement. We are now offering a level of service for Australian domain names that can only be provided by Australian Registrars or one other Registrar in the whole world. Safenames prides itself on its impressive number of direct Accreditations across the globe, and this is another accomplishment to strengthen its position.”

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