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Safenames is proud to announce it has been appointed as the first UK ENUM validation agent by the UK Enum Consortium (UKEC).

Each ENUM application requires a token (certificate) from an authorized validation agent before an order can be submitted by an ENUM registrar. The purpose of the token is to ensure eligibility for the ENUM, as ENUMs must be identical to the owner’s existing telephone number.

To validate and receive a token for an ENUM application, a copy of a recently telephone bill must be submitted to Safenames, as well as callback verification to the requested telephone number. Once validation is complete, ENUM orders can be submitted with Safenames or any UK ENUM registrar.

More information on Safenames ENUM services

Safenames is proud to announce its accreditation for United Kingdom ENUM. Safenames can now offer ENUM registrations in the 44 (UK) namespaces.

How ENUM works

ENUM (telephone number mapping) protocol suite that makes it possible to relate a domain name to a telephone number, and then use that domain name to identify various communications devices such as fax, mobile phone, voicemail, email, IP telephony addresses or web pages.

Connection using DNS

ENUM uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to create a connection between the addresses of computers connected to the Internet and domain names, which are much easier for people to memorise. The majority of Internet users are probably only familiar with domain names in combination with web sites or email addresses. However, in future the ENUM protocol working with the DNS infrastructure will make it possible to obtain information about telecommunication services and access them via domains.

ENUM translates a telephone number into a domain name

For example: 01908200022 becomes where 44 is United Kingdom’s international dialling code. ‘e164’ is the name of the telephone numbering system and ‘.arpa’ is the Internet infrastructure equivalent of or .com. A computer can understand and connect to this address in a fraction of a second which makes ENUM a quick, stable and cheap link between the telecommunications system and the Internet.

Safenames ENUM UK information page

Nominet ENUM (UK) information

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