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From mid-January 2008, SIDN is making it possible to register all-numeric .NL domain names. In anticipation of this move, SIDN is giving trademark and trading name owners the opportunity to claim numeric domain names corresponding to their trademarks or trading names. This opportunity is being provided through a “sunrise scheme” that SIDN is organising in collaboration with Deloitte. Owners of trademarks and trading names can use the sunrise scheme to make claims for ‘their’ domain names between 1 and 14 December 2007. Please be aware that the order in which applications for a specific domain in the sunrise will be validated depends on the outcome of a lottery instead on a first come – first served basis.


For information contact Safenames customer services or read Safenames .NL registration information.

On 22 October 2007, SGNIC announced the launch of pure numeric domain names. The launch will be in 2 phases: Soft Launch from 22 October 2007 to 26 March 2008 and the General Launch from 27 March 2008 onwards. Registrations can be made with any of SGNIC’s accredited registrars from 5 November onwards and are available in all the domain name categories, namely .sg,,,,,, Registrations are also subject to the “Guidelines for Application of Numeric ‘.sg’ Domain Names during Soft Launch Period” which prescribes policies and procedures concerning applications during the sunrise period, priority claims, objections, biddings and other general implementation details. All applications during the Soft Launch will be processed as a batch while applications for the General Launch will be on a first-come-first-served basis. Please refer to the launch schedule below for more details.

Milestones Duration Activities
  • Soft Launch Sunrise Registration 9:00am 05 Nov 07 (Mon) to 12:00pm 28 Dec 07 (Fri) Acceptance of ‘.sg’ numeric domain name applications. Registered number mark owners may claim priority over other qualifying applicants.
  • Post Sunrise Consolidation and Sorting 9:00am 04 Jan 08 (Fri) to 6:00pm 17 Jan 08 (Thu) Confirmation of bidding cases and letters sent out to bidders.
  • Bidding Period 9.00am 18 Jan 08 (Fri) to 6:00pm 22 Feb 08 (Fri) Bidders have 3 weeks of self-practice. Bidders have to go for a hands-on course. Actual online bidding day from 10:00am 20 Feb 08 to 5:00pm 20 Feb 08.
  • Announcement of Results 12:00pm 25 Feb 08 (Mon) Bidding results to be announced on website.
  • Review Period 9:00am 25 Feb 08 (Mon) to 5:00pm 10 Mar 08 (Mon) Acceptance of objections to bidding allocation results.
  • Finalisation of Results and Processing Till 26 Mar 08 (Wed) Finalised domain names to be activated on 27 Mar 08.
  • General Launch From 9:00am on 27 Mar 08 (Thu) Acceptance from public on first-come-first-served basis all non-“premium’ numeric domain name applications.

For more information, contact Safenames customer services or visit

Safenames is proud to announce that it has become the first .KE registrar outside of Kenya.


This means that the .KE registration process for all of our clients will become quicker and easier, eliminating the need for third-party intervention and assistance, and ultimately ensuring that Safenames offers a first class service for .KE domain management services.


Over the years, Safenames’ policy is to strive and endeavour to be a Registrar in every country providing ccTLD registrations. This may require establishing a local company or providing specific language provisions in our office to support the country’s requirements.


We believe that becoming a Registrar wherever possible confers a clear advantage upon Safenames over our competitors, who still rely on third party agents to fulfil their clients’ needs. The utilisation of Third Party Agents can result in domains not being renewed, updated or in some cases being lost to cyber squatters, or domain grabbers. We have successfully eliminated these unnecessary risks resulting in a more efficient and superior registration service.


Safenames has attained registrar accreditation this year in Singapore (.sg), Luxembourg (.lu), Mexico (.mx), Iran (.ir), .aero.and .pro, with Australia (.au) and New Zealand (.nz) to completed with in the next few weeks; adding to our ever increasing and expanding list of accreditations.


Safenames is delighted to proclaim that we are accredited in more countries than any other Registrar, which can only be to the benefit of our clients and their domain registration needs. We are dedicated in becoming the world’s leading global domain registration provider and we are constantly advancing toward this goal.


To find out more about our list of accredited countries, or to register a .KE domain name, please contact Safenames customer services or visit Safenames’ Kenya (.KE) Domain Name Regulations page.

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