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Safenames is pleased to announce that TWNIC has received formal approval from the TWNIC Domain Committee to introduce 2nd-level ASCII .TW domain names. Priority registration for the 2nd-level ASCII .TW domain names is given to existing 3rd level .TW domain holders that have registered their domain names before 31 July 2005. Priority Registration Schedule as follows:

1. 23/8 – 22/9/2005 : Sunrise Period

Reserved for Government Agencies, Education Institutes and the Registrants of the 3rd level .tw domain names ( registered prior to 31st of July 2005.

2. 07/10 – 12/10/2005: Ballot ranking opens to public

Allow for dispute applications directly to TWNIC

3. 01/11/2005: officially open to public registrations

First come first serves. Please take note to register any 3rd level TW domain names before 31 July 2005 to enjoy the priority registration of the 2nd level .TW domain.


For further information or questions related to .tw registrations please contact Safenames customer services, or visit the .tw domain name registration information page.


To login to your Safenames IDP account, visit

Safenames’ international domain name registration portal (IDP) now supports Generic top level domain name registrations for up to 10 years.


COM / NET / ORG / INFO / BIZ can be registered for yearly terms between 1 to 10 years. The order process remains the same, with the addition of an option to select the registration period. The default period is 2 years for Generic domain names.

Fees: All pricing remains the same, Safenames’ IDP will automatically recalculate the fees based on the selected registration period. For further information or questions related to variable-length registrations, please contact Safenames customer services.

The Sunrise Period will consist of two Phases each lasting two months:

Phase 1 – for Registered Trademark Holders and Public Bodies

A Registered Trademark Holder (or Licensee) is able to apply for a .eu domain that corresponds to its Registered National Trademark within the European Community or its Registered European Community Trademark (CTM). The domain name should be an exact-match as written in the supporting Trademark documentation. A Registered Trademark Holder whose trademark contains a space (i.e. is composed of more than one word) will be permitted to apply for their Trademark domain containing a hyphen instead of the space, as well as their Trademark domain containing no hyphens or spaces (e.g. or


A Public Body is able to apply for .eu domains that correspond with the full name of the Public Body; OR the acronym by which the Public Body is commonly known; OR if applicable, the territory which is governed by the Public Body. ‘Public Body’ is understood to include: institutions and bodies of the Community, national and local governments, governmental bodies, authorities, organisations and bodies governed by public law, and international and intergovernmental organisations.

Phase 2 – those qualifying under Phase 1 and, in addition, holders of ‘other Prior Rights’

Holders of ‘other Prior Rights’ will be able to register .eu domains that correspond with:

  • Company names
  • Business identifiers
  • Distinctive titles of protected literary and artistic work
  • Unregistered trademarks
  • Trade names

In as far as that right is protected under national law in the member state in which it is held. Registration on the basis of a prior right shall consist of the registration of the complete name for which the prior right exists (exact-match), as written in the documentation which proves that such a right exists.


The above list is not exhaustive and a list of the most commonly recognised rights; the evidence required to demonstrate that a right is held will be published by EURid at a later date.


For more information regarding .eu domain name registration, contact Safenames customer services or visit

According to the new rules described in the Decision 351/76 (15-4-2005) of the National Telecommunications and Post Commission, the registration of Domain Names with Greek Characters (IDN) will be possible under .gr.


These new regulations will become active on the 4th of July, 2005, 07.00 UTC time.


A feature of the registration procedure of these domains will be the concept of “Bundle”. Bundled domains are going to be the domains that differentiate only in punctuation but are otherwise identical to a main form. Any domain that is a Homograph of the original registration may also become part of the Bundle.


Domain names that could be registered in each bundle are not automatically registered for the registrant but are instead excluded from the list of available domain names until this particular registrant decides to “Activate” one or more of them. Each activation has a cost.


Domain names that are in the same bundle are automatically redirected by the .gr zone to the name servers of the domain name’s main form.


For a list of the Greek characters available for registration please go here:


For a list of Homograph characters please follow this:


For more information regarding .GR domain name registration, contact Safenames customer services or visit

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